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Sadhe Sati Astrology Report

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Comprehensive Sadhe Sati report + Remedies + Answer to Questions Around 1 most significant area affected by Sadhe Sati
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In Astrology Saturn (Shani) transits the 12th, 1st and 2nd Houses from your Natal Moon, it means that you under the influence of Saturn Sade Sati. It takes Saturn about 7.5 years to cross these houses. Therefore it is called Sade Sati (seven and a half)

Sadhesaati is the very complex terms in Indian astrology and many astrologers frighten their clients by Sadhesati. Astrologer Sushil Kumaar Singh uses a special technique to know the actual time when one enters in the sadhesaati phase.because he believes that every one cannot come in the impact of sadhesati .so he calculates this by degree of moon of the  individuals and provides very simple and affordable solutions

On the negative side this might be a period when you go through stress, extended periods of bad luck or failures. On the positive side however it might mean an important period of your life which can bring you a whole lot of learning

Planning this period well would mean that you would be able to nullify the negative effects and be better prepared for the ill effects during this period