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Birth Chart Rectification

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Birth Chart Rectification + Answer to Questions Around 1 most significant area of Your Life
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In cases where the seeker\\\'s time of birth is not sure or accurate then the chart must be rectified. To do this you need to fill out a questionnaire about your life events and send it to the Astrologer.  Using the information provided he can determine when the person was born in order to experience those events.

He will arrive at your correct birth time. He is one of the few Astrologers in the world who can rectify your birth time and arrive at your correct birth time. You only need to give your day, month, year and place of birth along with the approximate time of your birth. You could tell him whether you were born in early morning, after noon, evening, night, mid night etc. Along with these details you need to give him some of your events which happened in your life in past along with the approximate time/day/month.
Past events could be education, marriage, separation, love affairs, illness, purchase of vehicle, property, parents alive or not, or any other event which you could think as important. These events are matched with the horoscope and if these match with the time provided then the time is correct other wise the chart needs rectification which is done accordingly