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Will Ram Temple be built before March as per stars of horoscope of India?

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Will Ram Temple be built before March as per stars of horoscope of India? Biggest burning topic of the nation is whether there are chances of building a Lord Rama temple in Ajodhya. Since honourable Supreme Court has adjourned the hearing on this matter till January saying that she is not sure about the dates when the matter will be heard. The responsible authorities of the government are also denying any further actions .though few prominent saffron figures use to talk about ordinance and law. But astrology has nothing to do with that. Now let me discuss the whole issue astrologically. All the mundane predictions about Indian nation are done on the basis of Indian independent day. As per the Indian independent day India is in the effect of Moon vinshottaree dasha , about Moon vinshottari dasha I had made a detailed exclusive prediction for astrospeak earlier. From first week of December India will be in the effect of Moon – Saturn vinshottari dasha phase. Before the Nation was in the effect o was Jupiter antar dasha. Till first week of March 2019 India will be in the Moon – Saturn - Vinshottari dasha-antar dasha – pratyantar dasha phase. Saturn is placed in the third house being ninth and tenth lord.this is of course a good sign. But Saturn is placed in the third house making “panch grahee” yoga. Saturn is placed with moon, moon is third lord and in mundane astrology this indicates mood of the nation. Saturn aspects the ninth house which represents temple or religious places, Saturn is ninth lord itself. Even ketu aspects the Saturn and four other planets placed with him. So Mahadasha is of Moon, this means governments will have to act according to public mood. Since 2015 one can analyse that these three years have witness many agitations. Starting of building Ram Temple before March 2019 Mood of the nation is decided by the moon and as of now Moon dasha s in operation. The Saturn antadasha indicates starting of building the temple. in addition I will try to define this by transits of planets as of now. The most important transit is of Jupiter which transited from tula sign to vrishchik sign. So the Jupiter has transited in the rashi of volatile mars planet in the seventh house of public and public mood. So once Jupiter starts giving its effect it will gives its impact over the public mood and sentiments. Jupiter starts giving its effect in transit once this comes on 10 degree. On 19th December 2018 Jupiter will come on 10 degree and the Temple movement will start getting momentum. As per stars it seems starting of building Ram Temple before March 2019.might be this start on undisputed land. Sushil Kumaar Singh Jyotish Sadan Ayodhya  
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