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Business Money And Stock Astrology report

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Personalized detailed Kundali + Detailed Business Money And Stock Report + Answer and remedy to 1 question related to the subject\\\\\\\'s Business Money And Stock prospects

How will be my financial situation this year
Success In Share Market
Will i be able to pay off my debt
Should i take loan this year
Remedy for gambling
Remedy for getting rid of debt
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Astrologer Sushil Kumaar Singh has successfully predicted the careers or several IAS officers , Government Servants and businessmen.

For analyzing the subject\\\\\\\'s career the tenth and seventh house of the horoscope are considered. There are the planetary combinations to know whether the person will do a job or business. It can also be judged whether one will get a government job or private job or be self employed. It can also be predicted the kind of career he or she will have e.g poet, author, writer, actor, chef, singer, lawyer, software expert etc . Vedic Astrology can be successfully used to predict questions on career and education

Vedic Astrology can also predict scope of modern careers of the subject. By calculating “poorn parmatmamsa” and “jeevemsa samanvit” planets this can be decided whether one can get a job or will do better in trade and business. If there are majority of planets in 7th to 12th houses or  10th to 3rd house then the possibility of business or trade is more because that person cannot do job under the government. There are different planetary combinations for different jobs and business as well